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  Tech Corner

This page will regularly be updated. If there is an area of technology help that you would like to see addressed here, please email and request it.

NNV-Related Tech

Avoiding Scams

  • DC Attorney General's Telemarketing Scams webpage
  • AARP Scam webpage
  • Recognizing and protecting yourself from current scams (The Village News May-June 2020, page 4)
  • Staying Safe Online - A Rational Approach (The Village News Mar-Apr 2020, page 6)
  • Email scam example:

    I just  received this scary-looking email about my Paypal account. From here it looks real. But there are so many scams these days, I'm suspicious...

    When I click to open the email, I can see that it's not coming from Paypal at all. The real email address it's coming from is between the angle brackets (< >). See the area circled in red. 

    Although it looks real, if I click on that Login button and type in my password... someone nefarious will steal it and get in to my Paypal account.

    If it feels wrong and you're not sure - Don't click any links! 

Online Tips

Software Tips

Hardware Tips

CyberSeniors is a Youtube Channel that has many, many How-to videos on using various websites, apps and computer programs.
Here is just a small selection:

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