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Strong Leadership and Compassionate Values.
Northwest Neighbors Village is a volunteer-based, community-first non-profit.


Officers and Board of Directors:
Judie Fien Helfman - President
Jon Lawlor - Vice president
John Wheeler - Treasurer
Pamela Roberts - Secretary

Steve Altman, Albert Foer, Morgan Gopnik, Alice Hayes, Merilee Janssen, Beverly Lunsford, Janean Mann, Ann Van Dusen, Karen Zuckerstein

Board Members Emeritas: 
Frances Mahncke, Robert Parker, Stewart Reuter, Jo Ann Tanner

Executive Director - Stephanie Chong
Volunteer Coordinator - Heather Hill
Administrative Assistant - Leslie Pace

4901 Connecticut Ave., NW
Suite 277
Washington, DC 20008
phone: (202) 777-3435

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