NNV Walks Offer Good Company and Exercise

Sal Selvaggio

A few years ago, NNV began organized group walks as a way to have our members and volunteers enjoy the outdoors together, get some exercise, and get to know each other a bit better. When Covid descended on us, it became a great way to get together safely outdoors.

There is something about taking a walk together that helps generate random topics to discuss and discover commonalities.  Maybe just the act of moving through time and space with others gives a sense of a shared journey. I have enjoyed learning about the interests and histories of my fellow walkers and always come away impressed by their life experiences.

NNV’s hour-long walks take place on Fridays at 9:30 at one of two alternating locations. Volunteer walk leaders show the way through a local neighborhood or Rock Creek Park, depending on the walk destination of the day. The Albemarle walk begins on the corner of Connecticut Avenue and Albemarle with a path that meanders through the neighborhood’s side streets.  Comments on the architecture of the homes and lovely yards often alternate with political commentary, restaurant recommendations, and any other topic that comes to mind.

Our other walk takes advantage of the easy access to the less urban setting of Rock Creek Park.  We meet at Picnic Area 6, then tread a wide walkable dirt path that parallels the creek. In just a few moments, you are surrounded by huge trees and the chirping of birds with the rushing water providing a sonic backdrop. Rocky outcroppings, patches of moss, and the sky overhead make you ponder the complex but calming power of the natural world.

The walk leaders set a pace that makes sense for those participating. For those looking to get their heart pumping, we offer one brisk walk a month, while the others are considered sociable strolls. Either walk you choose; you are sure to enjoy good company while you get moving. You can find out more about our walk program by visiting NNV’s website contact the office at info@nnvdc.org or 202-935-6060.

According to statisticians, the average person on this planet will walk some 65,000 miles during their lifetime. You are invited to share a few of those miles with our NNV family!

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