Membership and Volunteer Outreach

We are members of the Northwest Neighbors Village (NNV) community responsible for welcoming, encouraging greater engagement, and increasing the number of Northwest Neighbors Village members and volunteers. We welcome members of the NNV community who would like to join us.

What do we do?  We work with NNV to track membership and volunteer engagement, periodically survey members and volunteers to assess program effectiveness and changing needs and interests, and launch new outreach efforts designed to enhance NNV’s reach and effectiveness.

Current activities:

Membership outreach: We work with NNV to track monthly changes in membership, and send welcome notes, birthday greetings, periodic personal messages of appreciation, as well as outreach to former members.  As COVID permits, we will host informal social gatherings of members and volunteers to strengthen bonds within the NNV community.

Pilot Program evaluation: We are currently evaluating two programs launched during COVID to assess their impact and whether they should continue: special outreach to the NNV community living in apartment buildings; and the phone buddy system which connected members with volunteers when many in-person activities were cancelled.

Volunteer engagement: NNV relies on its dedicated volunteers, and this year we will reach out through both a survey and informal discussions to determine how to improve the volunteer experience

Outreach through social media: Through regular postings to local listservs, we share information about NNV and its programs with the wider community and encourage greater engagement.

New initiatives:  We are exploring activities to expand NNV’s reach through partnerships with other community organizations (Iona Senior Services, Goods for Good, etc.) All efforts are designed to increase membership and volunteer engagement with NNV.

For more information about our working group, please contact Stephanie Chong at or call 202-935-6060.

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